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Released in 2011

Rivals for CATAN –
Age of Darkness

Rivals for Catan – Age of Darkness

This “Rivals for CATAN” expansion includes three new Theme Sets, “The Era of Intrigue,” “The Era of Merchant Princes,” and “The Era of Barbarians,” which add more variation to the existing game. In addition, the Tournament Game is introduced.

About the game

Klaus Teuber personally introduces you to the new Theme Sets. In several detailed blog posts, he described what the three Theme Sets are about:

Sampe Cards from “Age of Darkness”

If you would like to go for the greatest challenge the Rivals game has to offer, please read about the “Tournament Game,” the pinnacle of “Rivals for Catan.”

Light into the Age of Darkness

Bringing Light into the Age of Darkness

Gustav Bartschat and Dr. Reiner Düren offer valuable playing tips for all those who play “Age of Darkness” for the first time or want to play the Duel with the three new Theme Sets.

Tournament Game

The Tournament Game is the pinnacle of “Rivals for Catan,” where each player assembles his own deck from his cards. During the game, each player – normally – has access only to his own card stacks. Therefore, each player determines which cards he wants to build or play during the game.

For all those who don't dare to assemble their own deck yet we have published some sample decks by Dr. Reiner Düren. You may choose these decks at the beginning of the game.