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Released in 2013

Catan Scenarios – Helpers of CATAN

Catan Scenarios – Helpers of CATAN

Come meet some of the most influential and helpful people on Catan tan. They are offering their skills and experience to help you with your building plans.

This small expansion is suitable for use with the "CATAN" base game and “CATAN – Seafarers.”

About the game

If you have played the PC/Mac game “ CATAN – Cities & Knights” or the latest release, the “ CATAN – Creator's Edition,” you have met the Helpers of CATAN as computer opponents: good-natured Marianne, conceited Sean, or brazen pirate Jean. Perhaps you have chafed at some of the helpers, because the computer opponents are quite strong and sometimes give even seasoned Catan players a hard time settling.

In the new, small expansion “ CATAN Scenarios – Helpers of CATAN,” Marianne, Sean & Co. are no longer your opponents but help and support you and the other players while playing “ CATAN” sitting around the table. With the helpers the base game becomes even more diverse.

Helpers of CATAN – CandamirHelpers of CATAN – LouisHelpers of CATAN – Lin

For example, Candamir makes it easier for you to buy development cards, Louis allows you to move a road, and Lin sends the robber back to the desert. Adepts say that this small expansion adds a touch of “Cities & Knights” to the CATAN base game but doesn't make it more complex.

The ten “Helper” cards have been added as “Support Cards” to the “Star Trek CATAN” edition, showing the names and faces of the intrepid crew members of the Starship Enterprise. The card functions, however, are identical.


Helpers of CATAN – Game Rules (684.22 KB)

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