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CATAN Americana Championship – Nation Rankings

On this page you can find all results of all CATAN Americana Championships (CAC) since 2019. Please click on the years to learn more about the participants and the awarding of points in the corresponding year.

Further information about the awarding of points and the preparation of the All-time High Scores List can be found here.

CAC 2019

Nation Ranking CAC 2019

Rank  Country  Flag  Points 
1 Panama Panama 40
2 USA USA 35
3 Mexico Mexico 32
4 Canada Canada 30
5 Brazil Brazil 28
6 Colombia Colombia 27
7 Argentina Argentinia 26
8 Chile Chile 25
9 Peru Peru 24
10 Costa Rica Costa Rica 23
11 Uruguay Uruguay 22
Rank  Name  Country  Flag 
1 Enrique Siu Panama Panama
2 Jerry Tong USA USA
3 Raul Jimenez Mexico Mexico
4 Sarvat Tahir Canada Canada
5 Ian Dembsky USA USA
6 Hans Lemm Brazil Brazil
7 Alan Cole Canada Canada
8 Juan Pablo Sanabria Colombia Colombia
9 Facundo Rigopoulos Argentina Argentinia
10 Felipe San Martin Chile Chile
11 Sebastian Berrios Chile Chile
12 Hector Hernandez Mexico Mexico
13 Marco Antonio Uria Peru Peru
14 Gonzalo Uria Peru Peru
15 Wilson Cespedes Costa Rica Costa Rica
16 Edgar Lino Mexico Mexico
17 Diego Salom Colombia Colombia
18 Manuela Viola Uruguay Uruguay