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CATAN Americas Championship – All-time High Scores List

Because since 2008 the CATAN World Championship takes place every other year, in the odd-numbered years continental championships are staged. The CATAN Americas Championship (CAC) has been held since 2019. The corresponding All-time High Scores List we created (see below) is based on the participants' rankings in the tournaments. It derives from the Nation Rankings, an overview that includes all results from the CACs of the past years; however, since only one CAC has taken place so far, the current Nation Rankings only include the results of this championship.

Further information about the awarding of points and the preparation of the All-time High Scores List can be found here.

CAC – All-time High Scores List (Effective: 2019)

Rank  Country  Flag  Points 
1 Panama Panama 40
2 USA USA 35
3 Mexico Mexico 32
4 Canada Canada 30
5 Brazil Brazil 28
6 Colombia Colombia 27
7 Argentina Argentinia 26
8 Chile Chile 25
9 Peru Peru 24
10 Costa Rica Costa Rica 23
11 Uruguay Uruguay 22