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Traders and Barbarians - Seafarers


  • “Traders & Barbarians” requires a continuous land surface of, roughly speaking, “round” or “triangular” shape in order to make the paths between castle, marble quarry, and glassworks equally long. This is hardly the case in any of the “Seafarers” scenarios. Also, wagons driving across the sea are logically not possible. For these reasons, scenarios without a continuous land surface seem strange, even if they might work under the above-mentioned conditions.
  • The following applies for all combinations of “Traders & Barbarians” with “Seafarers” scenarios:
    • Wagons can also move across water hexes. (They are taking a ferryboat to cross, so to speak.) When a wagon crosses water, the same conditions apply as when it is moving across land: Each movement without a ship costs 2 Movement Points, and only one Movement Point with a ship (plus 1 gold if it is a foreign ship).
    • The Robber and/or Pirate are never included in the game.
    • Barbarians may also be placed on “waterways.” All rules concerning roads also apply to ships.
    • Unless indicated otherwise, the number of Victory Points of the respective “Seafarers” scenario increases by 3.

For the reasons mentioned above, a meaningful combination of the scenarios “The Four Islands,” “The Fog Island,” “The Forgotten Tribe,” “Cloth for Catan,” and “The Pirate Islands” can not be achieved.

The following scenarios are playable:

Heading for New Shores

  • The main island is assembled according to the set-up of the “Traders & Barbarians” scenario.

Through the Desert

  • Changes to the set-up: The set-up of the main island (east and west of the desert belt) is modified as follows: o Replace the northwestern hills hex (upper left) with the marble quarry.
    • Replace the southwestern pasture hex (lower left) with the castle.
    • Replace the eastern forest hex (center right) with the sawmill.
    • Replace the southwestern fields hex (center left, number 9) with a forest hex.
    • Rearrange the number tokens of the main island (without the land north of the desert belt). Start with the northwestern mountains (upper left) and continue eastwards (towards the right), then go to the next southwestern hex of the row underneath, and so forth: Mountains “4,” hills “11,” pasture “6,” fields “5,” forest “8,” fields “9,” sawmill -, forest
      “10,” hills “3,” forest “2” + “12,” mountains “8,” castle , hills “6,” pasture “5.”
  • The other rules for “Through the Desert” and “Traders & Barbarians” remain unchanged.

New World

by Heshy Roskes / USA

The rules for combining Seafarers and the Traders & Barbarians scenario are very limiting. This is because the Seafarers board is not arranged into a triangular or circular shape. There is, though, a way to rearrange the frame pieces into a more appropriate shape for this scenario.
In clockwise order:

Traders & Barbarians with New World - by Heshy Roskes

  1. Seafarers frame piece with ship costs and attached hex
  2. Seafarers short frame piece
  3. Settlers frame piece
  4. Seafarers long frame piece
  5. Settlers frame piece
  6. Settlers frame piece
  7. Seafarers frame piece with
    ship costs and attached hex
  8. Seafarers short frame piece
  9. Settlers frame piece
  10. Seafarers long frame piece
  11. Settlers frame piece
  12. Settlers frame piece

The trade hexes are placed so that one touches (1) and (2), another touches (5) and (6), and the third touches (9) and (10). This way, all three of them have three edges surrounded by frame, just like without Seafarers. Although the routes are not exactly identical, a wagon can get from any of them to either of the others by going over 13 paths, including the ones inside the trade hexes. The rest of the board can be set up randomly, with the harbors placed as in the "New World" scenario. The modified frame fits 50 hexes, so only 2 have to be removed, even though 3 were added. Wagons can travel on water and on ships, as is already stated in the combination rules.

It may look like the game will be too easy because of the large board. But, it is played up to 10+2 for Seafarers+3 for T&B=15 points, 16 if you use Harbormaster. Not more than 2 or 3 points can be gained from the wagons because of the long distances. When I played it, I also used Barbarian Attack (with the castle in the position of the wheat hex on the far left of the picture), which increased the winning score up to 18 (with Harbormaster). The player who won only bought one Development Card, which turned out to be “Treason,” and so gained no points from barbarians. If it's too easy even so, resources or golds could be removed instead of deserts.