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Combination of “The Caravans” with “Seafarers”


  • “The Caravans” requires a continuous land surface. Camel caravans do not move across water. To achieve a meaningful combination of “The Caravans” with “Seafarers” scenarios, the camels must be able to move anywhere. For this purpose, you first have to abandon your usual conception of camels and envision them as general trade routes. Otherwise, it would be difficult to justify the fact that camels are also used to upgrade ship routes.
  • Apart from this, the goals of the game for many of the “Seafarers“ scenarios are diametrically opposed to the principle of “The Caravans:” In “The Caravans,” you benefit from building tightly, while the “Seafarers” scenarios reward – or even require – expansion. - The number of Victory Points of the respective scenario is increased by 2 points.
  • Camels may be placed next to overland routes and waterways as well as roads and ships. A ship is equivalent to a road and counts double for the “Longest Road.”

Heading for New Shores

  • Apart from the restrictions specified above, this combination is well playable without further changes.
    The Four Islands
  • Playable, apart from the restrictions specified above.
  • Restructure the islands as follows:
    • Replace the desert hex of the northeastern island with the oasis hex and move the oasis hex southwestward by one hex, onto the white “X.”
    • Switch the hills hex showing a “2,“ on the southeastern island, with the sea hex located two hexes further to the west.
    • The harbor located next to the hills hexes “2“ and “8” on the southwestern island is placed next to the fields hex “10” and the new hills hex “2.”
    • At the beginning of the game, the Pirate is removed from the game board. It returns to the game after the first “7” is rolled or when a Knight Card is played.
  • The presence of a Pirate on a sea hex does not prevent placement of camels on the edges of this hex.

The Fog Island

  • “The Fog Island” emphasizes discovery and thus increases the importance of luck, which – in our opinion – makes it unsuitable for combination with “The Caravans.”

Through the Desert

  • Well playable
  • The oasis hex replaces the fields hex showing the “2.” The “2” from the discarded fields hex is placed on the hills hex showing the “12.”

The Forgotten Tribe

  • Well playable
  • Replace the fields hex in the center showing the “12” with the oasis hex. Place the number token “12” next to the “2.” This hex produces when one of the two numbers is rolled.
  • The Robber starts on the oasis; during the course of the game, he may be placed there again if desired.

Cloth for Catan

  • Because of the way the islands of the “Forgotten Tribe” are arranged, a combination of these two scenarios is not recommendable.

The Pirate Islands

  • “The Pirate Islands” should not be combined with “The Caravans,” for various reasons: The starting settlements are partly predetermined, the goal of the game is different, and there is no “Longest Road” in this scenario, meaning that the Caravan affects only settlements/cities.

The Wonders of Catan

  • Not recommendable because the resources required for the Caravans may give rise to an unintended emphasis on the Wonders and thus make the game unbalanced.

New World

  • Playable without any problem; however, the oasis hex should be positioned as centrically as possible.