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CATAN - Legend of the Conquerors – Developer Blog Series – Part 16

August 3, 2020
Klaus Teuber


Thora and Dagur succeeded in destroying all of the conquerors’ forts in time. A prolonged drought, which had parched the stockades and made them very vulnerable to the Catanian’s flaming arrows, came to the islander’s aid, and the cannons took care of the rest.

Catan - Die Legende der Eroberer - Kapitel 3 -Beispiel

When the reinforcing conquerors arrived and penetrated into the interior of the island, they searched in vain for their comrades in arms, who they wanted to join to form a large army.

Dagur set a trap for the conquerors, which resulted in the death of many enemy combatants. Afterwards, the conquerors regrouped and barricaded themselves in a destroyed fort that still had some intact stockades. There, a messenger brought them the news that the Catanian caravels – which the conquerors didn’t yet know existed – had succeeded in capturing their ships. Realizing that the retreat to their home country was cut off, the conquerors, who mostly were mercenaries without much moral commitment to their king, surrendered.

Aegis provided ships to put the mercenaries ashore close to their home country. Thora gave the leader of the mercenaries a message for his king. It contained an offer of a peace treaty. Upon signing the peace treaty, Catan would allow the king’s ships sailing to the New World to enter Catanian harbors to replenish their supplies or seek shelter from approaching storms. The king, who probably had his hands full in the countries of the New World in the West, signed the peace treaty.

The enemy combatants the Catanians had driven out of their forts were sentenced to three years of penal labor. Together with the Catanians, they rebuilt the cities and settlements they had destroyed. During this period, many of the foreigners established a friendly relationship with the Catanians. Therefore, after serving their sentence, most of the former enemies stayed on Catan and created a new life for themselves. Once they had served their sentence, the Catanians welcomed them as if they were their own.

Invoking Thora’s permission, the king of Captain Wyler’s powerful home country built an outpost on the south coast of Catan, which in the following years grew into a large harbor. In return, the king took Catan – which remained independent and free – under his protection.

After peace was restored, the Council of Catan revoked Thora’s titles of Temporary Ruler and Commander-in-Chief of the Catanian Armed Forces, as provided for in the constitution. A little later, Thora also gave up her position as President of the Council and retreated with her husband Dagur to their country estate in the heart of Catan.

At some point, the healer Lea vanquished her grief over the death of Roven, her husband. She became a respected medical teacher at the University of Catan.

Here ends the story of Catan as we experience it when playing the base game and its expansions. If Catan weren’t fictitious, but a real island in the region of the Azores, in the middle of the Atlantic, comparable in size to Ireland, one could ask which role Catan would play in today’s global community. I leave the answer to this question to your imagination, dear readers.

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