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CATAN - Legend of the Conquerors – Developer Blog Series – Part 15

August 3, 2020
Klaus Teuber

The rules for the battle against the conquerors differ from the rules described in the two preceding chapters. You do not move the conquerors across the game board – they stay in their forts. To conquer the forts, you must besiege them.

First, you move your units (knights, cannoneers, and cavalrymen) to an unoccupied intersection at a hex with a fort. Of course, your knights and cannoneers must move along your roads. Unlike in Chapters 1 and 2, a battle doesn’t necessarily ensue yet when you move a unit to such an intersection. A battle takes place only in two cases:

1. Conquering a Fort:

If one or more of your units occupy intersections at a hex with a fort and the strength of this unit or the combined strength of these units surpasses the conqueror’s strength, you conquer the fort. Your units do not have to be active to conquer a fort.

A. The conqueror in the fort has a strength of 4. 2 units of Red and Orange besiege him; the combined strength is 3. It is Blue’s turn. Their cavalry has a strength of 2; they move it to the besieged hex.
B. The knights have a total strength of “5” and defeat the conqueror. The fort is captured and the conqueror is removed. Blue must return their cavalr to its starting intersection.

CATAN - Legend of the ConquerorsA CATAN - Legend of the ConquerorsB
After conquering a fort, perform the following actions in successive order:

  1. If your cavalry participated in the capture and doesn’t occupy an intersection adjacent to one of your roads, you must return the cavalry to its starting intersection.
  2. Each player who participated with one or more of their knights in the capture of the fort moves their marker upward 1 space on the hero track.
  3. Each player who participated with at least one of their knights in the capture of the fort receives the reward depicted on the fort’s bottom side (wine, amber, or a road for free). The active player takes their reward first; the other players follow in clockwise order. Afterwards, remove the fort and the associated conqueror and put them back into the box.

2. Charge of the Conquerors

If the barbarian ship is moved to a “Charge of the Conquerors” event space, the conquerors (symbolized by the conqueror piece in the fort) make a charge from their forts. When this occurs, remove all of the knights adjacent to a terrain hex with a fort.

In Chapter 3, you can initially safely move a unit to an intersection at a terrain hex with a fort, even if the unit (alone or together with other units) is weaker than or equally strong as the conqueror in the fort. However, if the barbarian ship is moved to a “Charge of the Conquerors” space, you lose all of your units on intersections at a hex with a fort. To prevent a large loss, if a charge is impending, you should either send sufficiently strong units to a fort so as to capture it, or arrange with another player that they will send reinforcements on a subsequent turn.

In my next blog post, I’ll tell you how the story continues after Chapter 3.

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