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CATAN - Legend of the Conquerors – Developer Blog Series – Part 13

August 3, 2020
Klaus Teuber

The Story of "CATAN - Legend of the Conquerors" - Chapter 3 – Part 2

Captain Wyler‘s Secret

Four weeks later, Captain Wyler once again steered his ships into the harbor. The caravels, full to the brim with more weapons, armor, and cannons, lay low in the water. He also brought another seven caravels to reinforce the Catanian fleet and turned them over to Aegis, the commander of the fleet, who was visibly delighted.

Thora greeted the captain. Her eyes rested on the seven new caravels anchoring in the harbor. “It seems that your king was very satisfied with our last amber and wine shipment.”

“Indeed, esteemed Thora. Besides that, he was overjoyed that you have stopped the conquerors’ advance. Regard the seven ships as a gift from the king, to pay tribute and respect to you and the valiant Catanians.”

“Please pass my thanks on to your king. I presume, though, that his extremely generous gift wasn’t entirely unselfish, was it?”

Captain Wyler smiled. “Oh, you already seem to know my king quite well.”

Wyler’s expression became serious. “Your enemy is equipping new troops. They are supposed to unite with their compatriots who have barricaded themselves inside their forts in the north of your island. Your enemy still intends to conquer your entire island. If you don’t succeed in destroying your enemy’s forts before the new troops arrive, you’ll hardly have a chance to preserve your independence. If the troops unite, you will be in a hopelessly inferior position. Then the weapons and armor we provided you with won’t help you either.”

“How much time do we have left?”

“Our spies are reporting that your enemy’s fleet will leave in about four weeks.”

Thora was thinking. She would have to shorten the training of the new recruits. In a week’s time at the latest, she would have to take them to the North, to destroy – in conjunction with the army under Dagur’s command – the conquerors’ forts.

Captain Wyler coughed slightly and interrupted Thora’s thoughts. “Dear Thora, your situation is serious, despite your victory. I esteem you, so I will tell you a secret now. My king’s notion of his biggest competitor in the Old World potentially conquering your beautiful island and incorporating it into his kingdom causes him sleepless nights. As I already mentioned, your island is an important strategic stopover on the voyage to the bountiful countries of the New World in the West. I am convinced that my king would have tried to conquer your island hadn’t his competitor preempted him. Consequently, he secretly supports you against your enemy because he can’t risk open war with him. Now you surely understand the reason behind his generous gift. Use your fleet – now not so insignificant anymore – wisely. You shouldn’t use it openly against your enemy. I advise you to wait until the enemy fleet has landed on the north shore and the major part of the crews has disembarked. Then it should be easy for your sister Aegis to capture your enemy’s ships.”

“I thank you for your trust, Captain Wyler. We will make good use of your king’s gift.”

Two weeks later, Thora returned to Dagur with optimally equipped troops. The assault on the enemy forts began.

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