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CATAN - Legend of the Conquerors – Developer Blog Series – Part 12

August 3, 2020
Klaus Teuber

The Story of "CATAN - Legend of the Conquerors" - Chapter 3 – Part 1


The conquerors encountered stiff resistance when marching toward the largest city in the northeast of Catan. The Catanians benefited from being familiar with the terrain of their homeland and knowing the appropriate places to effectively obstruct the path of the intruders and ambush them at the same time.

Whenever the conquerors were busy removing an obstruction, Catanian archers emerged from a near forest, showered the enemy with arrows, and immediately retreated into the forest.

Dagur and his cavalry pursued the conquerors‘ squads of hunters and pillagers that secured provisions for their army. Only very few squads returned unscathed to their army.

When the enemy was only a day’s march away from the city they intended to conquer, Thora put the plan she had conceived into action. She placed more archers on the city wall and hid with her army behind a forested hill nearby. Thora hoped that the conquerors would regard the occasional attacks of her archers and Dagur’s attacks on the squads of pillagers as nothing but the actions of desperate partisans and not suspect a larger army close by.

When the conquerors arrived in front of the city, they first set up a provisional camp. The next morning, they attacked. First they fired their cannons until parts of the city wall began to crumble. When they stormed the partially destroyed city wall, the Catanian archers on the remaining wall sections inflicted considerable losses on them. However, this didn’t stop the conquerors. Some of their combatants had already entered the city when Thora finally gave the order to attack.

Almost simultaneously, the cannons provided by Captain Wyler fired at the conquerors’ camp, Dagur and his cavalry attacked the enemy from the rear, and Roven’s infantry started moving. Following the example of their forebears, the infantrymen had formed up into a shield wall.

The conquerors were bewildered and initially ran around aimlessly. At this point, the wall was no longer the target of the conquerors, and the rain of arrows shot by the archers on the wall killed many of them. Thora’s attack left the enemy combatants with no choice but to regroup and square off against the attacking Catanians behind them. The battle for Catan had begun ...

After the Battle

Thora felt deeply exhausted. Tired, she took off her helmet. Dagur stopped his horse next to hers and grasped her hand.

“We have won, Thora! Those dirty dogs have retreated and are licking their wounds.”
Dagur looked expectantly into his wife’s eyes. Astonished, he noticed that her eyes were not joyful but looked at him with sadness. Dagur didn’t understand.

“Thora, don’t you hear me, we have decided the battle in our favor! That mainly happened thanks to you. During the battle, our Catanian flag, which you carried, undulated at many different places but was always present. You encouraged our men and women to surpass themselves and defend their freedom. Aren’t you happy about our victory?”

Thora’s voice sounded tired. “Yes, we won, Dagur. But at what price? Many, far too many Catanians met their death. I saw so many of us die. Roven, who together with selected, brave men defended me on the battlefield, also died when he jumped in front of a lance thrust that was meant for me.”

Dagur understood. He pressed Thora’s hand. “Thora, every Catanian knew that they could lose their life during this battle. Most of them preferred death to the fate of being slaves for the rest of their lives, of being taken to a foreign country, far away from their homeland, from their loved ones, whose future was also uncertain.”

“You are probably right, Dagur. But did we allow each Catanian to choose their fate?”

Thora spurred her horse and rode to the field hospital, where Lea and her group of healers were taking care of the many wounded. Thora dismounted and approached Lea, who was skillfully bandaging a woman whose sword arm had been severely injured.

“I am so sorry about Roven, Lea.” Lea’s eyes were swollen from crying. Filled with grief, she gave Thora a blank look and nodded briefly, without interrupting her work.

Dagur had ridden behind Thora and dismounted next to her. For a while, they stood silently side by side. “Thora, we must not hesitate now. As soon as possible, we should go after the intruders who got away and drive them into the sea where they came from.”

“Our fighters are exhausted, Dagur. Many of them are injured. The enemies who took flight – and they are many – will retreat to the stockade forts they hastily built everywhere in the North. We do not have enough fighters to chase them away from there. No, for now we must hold the still-unoccupied ground and protect people from the pillages committed by the conquerors. I will ride to the South and recruit new fighters. You will be the commander-in-chief here until I come back with the new fighters.”

The second part of the story of chapter 3 will be published shortly.

Catan - Legend of the Conquerors - Chapter 3

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