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CATAN - Legend of the Conquerors – Developer Blog Series – Part 10

August 3, 2020
Klaus Teuber

Wine Tokens

At the beginning of the game, there are 2, 3, 4, or 5 wine tokens on each hills hex and each fields hex. If you have a city adjacent to a hex with wine tokens, every time the hex’s number is rolled, you receive 1 resource and 1 wine token. For example, if you have a city at a hills hex and the number of this hex is rolled, you receive 1 brick and 1 wine token for your city. The supply of wine tokens on the hexes is not replenished. If the wine tokens on one of these hexes are depleted, you receive either 2 brick or 2 grain for a city adjacent to that hex, as normal.

Amber Tokens

At the beginning of the game, some intersections are occupied by amber tokens. If, at the beginning of the game, you build a settlement on such an intersection, you may take the amber token(s) and place them in front of you as a supply. Further on in the game, you receive the amber token(s) on an intersection if you reach that intersection with one of your roads.

Chapter 2 Tile

CATAN - Legend of the Conquerors - TileIn part 4 of this series of blog posts, I already explained the meaning of the event spaces referred to as “The Conquerors Land” (purple flag), “The Conquerors Advance” (sword), and “Attack of the Barbarians” (double ax). The “Support from the South” event spaces (in the picture, they are marked with a blue circle) are new. If the barbarian ship is moved to one of these spaces, depending on the image depicted on the space, each player receives either 1 wine token or 1 amber token.

The “Wyler’s Help” event spaces depicting the back of a battle card are also new. If the barbarian ship is moved to this event space, each player may buy up to 2 battle cards. Battle cards are progress cards; they are placed in a stack next to the other 3 progress card stacks. Each battle card costs 1 wine token and 1 amber token. The more amber you collect and the more wine you harvest, the more battle cards you can buy and then use to defy the conquerors. Wine tokens and amber tokens only serve to buy battle cards. You may trade them with other players, but unlike resources, you are not allowed to trade them 3:1 for resources from the supply.

Because the game includes an additional progress card type, in chapter 2 and 3 you may collect up to 5 progress cards. Only if you receive a sixth progress card must you discard 1 progress card. In my next blog post, I’ll introduce the individual battle cards to you.

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