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Huge CATAN field opened on the island of Mainau, Germany

July 23, 2020

A 10,000 square meter CATAN field was opened on the island of Mainau to mark the 25th anniversary of the classic game. In realizing the project, Mainau worked closely with KOSMOS Verlag from Stuttgart, Germany, where the game was first published in 1995.

Klaus Teuber together with his son Benjamin, Bettina Countess Bernadotte, managing director of the island Mainau GmbH, and German actor Oliver Wnuk welcomed everyone to the opening of the CATAN field near the butterfly house on the island in southern Germany.


The CATAN field on the island of Mainau is accessible to visitors. The well-known CATAN raw materials wood, clay, wool, ore and grain were creatively put into practice using selected plants, various floor coverings and suitable objects. There is also a desert field that functions as a sandpit for children. Each of the field's 19 hex fields measures around 23 square meters. The field is surrounded by a sea of ​​flowers made from 14 different insect-friendly plants. The playing field and the sea of ​​flowers together measure almost 10,000 square meters.

In the center is a medieval hut. Here you can rent CATAN games. In the immediate vicinity of the CATAN field there is an approximately 100 square meter “play area” which is shaded with parasols in hot temperatures. The games will be played daily from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. from July 24 to September 13. Even after that the CATAN field remains open to visitors for some time.


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