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Premium game accessories for CATAN announced by Gamegenic

July 13, 2020

Gamegenic announced officially-licensed premium game accessories to enhance the CATAN experience.

Headquartered in Essen, Germany, Gamegenic develops outstanding gaming accessories including luxe deck boxes, premium play mats, high-quality card sleeves for a wide range of card sizes and games, and more.

The partnership with Gamegenic combines ingenious design and quality materials to create accessories designed to perfectly complement the popular board game CATAN. In the coming weeks, several new Gamegenic products will be teased and announced via the CATAN and Gamegenic social media channels.

“The timing of this partnership is fortuitous. As we celebrate the 25th Anniversary of CATAN, we are looking back on our past history and achievements, but also look toward our exciting future continuing to work with Gamegenic,” said Pete Fenlon, CEO of CATAN Studio.

“People are playing more board games than ever, and Gamegenic accessories not only protect the investment players make in their games, but also enhance the entire playing experience in surprising and delightful ways,” he said.

“CATAN fans and board game enthusiasts alike can look forward to our new gaming accessories for this excellent game,” said Adrian Alonso, head of Gamegenic. “Gamegenic is made up of passionate gamers who entered the market to create revolutionary gaming supplies. Our goal is to enhance the experience of playing games. We have played and loved CATAN since the very beginning back in 1995 and feel very honored to have had the chance to create innovative, stylish, never-before-seen solutions around this incredible game.”

The full extent of the line-up will be revealed before GEN CON ONLINE 2020. Stay tuned!