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Big Update for Catan Universe

March 27, 2017

Our partners at USM and Exozet are happy to announce that Catan Universe (the big online gaming platform for Catan) has reached a major milestone. During the last three months their development team has been working nonstop on both polishing the game and adding features that had been suggested during the Early Access so far.

Catan Universe

They are now ready to launch the final phase of the Early Access and will prepare for the official launch. They invite you all to check out the new Early Access version that is playable from today on for free and for a limited time.

Their team made many additions, updates, and improvements to all parts of the game, from graphics and UI to the computer players, multiplayer matchmaking, and new content.

You can check out the details of what’s new in their official community forum topic here.

You can download the client or play in your browser at Please note that this major update also resets the backend and player data. You can find out more about this in the Catan Universe forums.

Please send all your questions and comments directly to the newly opened official Catan Universe Facebook page.

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