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"Catan Game Assistant" App on Wired GeekMom

December 5, 2012

We are pleased to see a great and informative review of the "Catan Game Assistant" App on Wired GeekMom!

Jenny Williams, Senior Editor for Wired GeekMom, is a self-proclaimed mother geek, however she had never played Catan! Needing to learn the rules, she took the opportunity to expereince learning the game for the first time using the "Catan Game Assistant" App. Jenny gathered her children and the embarked on learning how to play using her mobile device.


"I wanted to try playing 'Settlers of Catan.' My timing was good because a new app came out recently called 'Catan Game Assistant.' It was designed for people like me, people who had never played the game. (...) Using the tutorial instead of reading through the directions cold is a bit like having that friend—you know you all have at least one—who is excellent at teaching groups to play new games."


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