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Released in 2019

CATAN - Escape Room (Frankfurt, Germany)

CATAN - Escape Room (Frankfurt, Germany)

Save CATAN from the barbarians in this special escape room in Frankfurt, Germany.

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About the game

The first CATAN Escape Room was created in cooperation with Escape Events, a company that for years has successfully run innovative escape rooms in Frankfurt, Germany. The room is basically playable for everyone, which means that basic knowledge of the board game or its rules are not required. CATAN is a family game, and therefore this room is for the whole family. Adolescents age 16 and up may play alone, children age 6-15 must be accompanied by an adult. The room accommodates 2-8 players.

Passionate CATAN players will notice that the trader plays a central role and the room also makes reference to the CATAN expansion "Cities & Knights." And of course, the various terrain hexes and the well-known resources lumber, ore, brick, grain, and wool are part and parcel of the experience.

Fotos: © André Grohe