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Released in 2007

Catan Dice Game “Plus”

Catan Dice Game “Plus”

Catan Dice

The Dice Game “Plus” provides an alternate gameplay for the Catan Dice Game.

The game rules and the template for printing the game map sheets are available for free download. They are also included in the Catan Dice Game – Deluxe Edition.

About the game

In the summer of 2006, I sent 2 prototypes for a Catan dice game to Kosmos Verlag. The first prototype was the easier one to play, while the second prototype, following the Board Game closer than the first one, was a little less accessible for people who don’t know the Board Game.
My favorite was the second prototype, as it offered more of the Catan gaming experience and, therefore, more competition and interaction. In the end, Kosmos Verlag opted for the more accessible dice game.
I could understand this decision, but I’m pleased that on this page I now can offer the second prototype, under the name of “Dice Game Plus,” to all those who like the Dice Game.

Klaus Teuber, April 2007

Tips for printing

Game rules and template for printing the game map sheets

  • When printing, avoid adjusting the printout to page size or using the option “Fit to Page” (in the Print dialogue of the Adobe Reader). When printing in original size, you can divide the A4 sheet in four identical pieces.

  • When using a color printer, switch to grayscale printing; this helps you save color ink or toner and usually results in a slightly darker printout.

  • If you wish, you can laminate the A4 printout with plastic film (e.g., at the copy shop). Then four players can play at the same time and use the game sheets over and over and again, writing on them with water-soluble overhead markers or whiteboard markers.