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Released in 1996

Catan Card Game

Catan Card Game

In an exciting duel with your opponent, you expand the settlements and cities of your principality by means of units (Knights and Trade Fleets) and buildings such as Garrisons, Libraries, Churches, etc. The German version of the game, “Die Siedler von Catan - Das Kartenspiel,” was published in 1996.

About the game

At the beginning of the game, each player places a small principality consisting of 2 settlements, 1 road, and 6 regions.

If the number of one of your regions is rolled, you receive the resource of that region. You need resources to “build” new cards above or below your settlements. Knights help you obtain the coveted “Knight Token,” a Garrison offers protection from brigands. You can also build more roads and settlements and upgrade your settlements to cities. Action cards such as “The Black Knight,” “Arsonist,” or “Merchant” add more excitement to the game. The first player to have 12 victory points wins. Despite bearing a close resemblance to the Catan board game, the Catan Card Game is quite different!

Prof Easy’s Game Introduction

Expansions & Variants

The “Catan Card Game - Expansion Set” contains 6 Theme Sets that offer plenty of challenges for Catan Card Game players: Knights & Merchants, Science & Progress, Wizards & Dragons, Barbarians & Traders, Politics & Intrigue, and Trade & Change - and the separate “Catan Card Game Artisans and Benefactors Expansion” contains still another Theme Set.

Together with the Catan Card Game (the “Base Game”), these Theme Sets allow you to play the “Expanded Game” and the “Tournament Game,” both of which are also included in the “Catan Card Game - Expansion Set.”

1. The Expanded Game

The cards of a Theme Set are placed as additional expansion card stacks between the two players' principalities. With only a few exceptions, the games rules remain unchanged. What makes the Expanded Game so appealing is the possibility to use the new cards for new strategies.

2. The Tournament Game

For the Tournament Game, each player needs his own copy of the Base Game and at least one Theme Set. One of the players provides the “neutral” cards, such as cities, settlements, roads, and regions. Each player chooses 33 cards from the cards of his Base Game and the Theme Sets. These cards form his “deck.” Each player divides his deck into 4 stacks and places them as his “draw stacks” face down next to him. The Tournament Game's great appeal stems from the variety of possibilities to assemble decks and the excitement that often results when decks of quite different characteristics are pitted against each other.